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We offer a range of membership options to let you choose a commitment that’s going to fit your lifestyle. The quality of your health determines the quality of your life and at Greater West HQ we want to provide the best professional & safe environment whilst we work together in our community achieving your goals.

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On Ramp Session

If you’re at the beginning of your fitness journey, we offer a specially designed On-Ramp Program. In this program, you’ll participate in a tailored class with one of our trainers to learn the fundamentals of Greater West HQ. This will give you the confidence to transition smoothly into any of our classes when you feel ready, helping you to avoid feeling overwhelmed at the outset.

Our On-Ramp Package also includes a one-on-one screening with our onsite physiotherapist from Peak Physiotherapy. This screening is designed to help our new members derive the maximum benefits from their training while identifying and mitigating any risks of injury. By providing this personalised attention, we ensure that our new members feel confident and safe when they join our regular classes.